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Ouch, ouch, here we have dog leg limping

Watching any stray dog limping on its legs down your street or in the city somewhere near where you are working and living has to be one of the most painful experiences to endure. It has to be painful if you happen to love all animals. Perhaps you have pets of your own and have that innate love for them intact. Now, when you see such poor, neglected dogs hobbling down the street can you even begin to imagine what sort of pain is being incurred by the poor scruffy one in this painful to watch dog leg limping scenario.

It may be nothing more than a thorn stuck in the poor dog’s paw, or it could be worse. A shard of glass, for instance. Accidents do happen, and they happen to domestic pets too. Fortunately, you are always in a good position to deal with your own pet’s accidental dog on one leg limping occurrences. It can be a sprained ankle or it can be a knee or hip that has taken just about all it can take in regards to pounding the pavements during the not so joyful daily walks.

If your dog is ageing now, you can arrest this much bit of strain. While the dog still needs its exercise, and if it can still manage a couple of blocks every day, you still need to take those extra precautions. Take the old feller down to the vet and the vet may just be telling you that maybe it’s high time you fit your old friend with a good pair of CCL or knee braces, depending on the ailment. Long before the necessary trip to the vet, you should be able to notice a noticeable slowing of pace if you will.

You should be able to notice some change in your pet’s movement forward. It will always be easy for you to strut your stuff in your fine pair of walking shoes, but just remember, your ageing dog only has his four bare paws and one pair of knees to utilize on those hard pavements. There are other practical things you can do to prevent pain and suffering. At some stage or another, you and your best friend are going to have to accept that those regular walks are going to need to be a lot shorter.

dog leg limping

Also, you should, in any case, be keeping your pet, young or old, away from such hard surfaces as often as possible. Surely by now, you will be able to locate dog friendly parks in your neighborhood, giving the boy or girl lots of soft grassy surfaces on which to stretch its legs. But what about that poor old stray dog that we’ve noticed. It is not out of our hands to try and help it too. Try and locate a charitable animal welfare center that can take good and proper care of the poor animal.