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Create a Blogging Schedule to Make Your Blog Smart

Schedules save a lot of people from a disorganized life to a more successful lifestyle. The same applies for a novice blogger attempting to get more traffic and make more money as a correlation. Below is a tried and true approach to organizing your plans for blogging and creating an effective schedule to help improve your blogging results.


Make sure your goals are specific. They need to focus on a single task that needs completed, a single topic to write about or otherwise be narrowed in to help make sure the schedule is followed.


You need to be able to definitively say you got the task accomplished. It cannot be reach a certain number of readers and then post x, because you don’t know when you’ll get to that point. Instead, make it measurable in time or your own progress.



Make the schedule so that each point on the schedule can be done independently, without assistance and can be done when it needs to be done.


Don’t set goals and create schedules that are never going to be within reach. You may want to be a Hollywood actress, but if you currently work in Iowa as a librarian, you cannot set a schedule for when you are an actress. Instead, work from where you are currently and make the schedule something you can accomplish with the other daily tasks you are required to handle.


A schedule is all about time. It is important to create your schedule for your blog in a way that will keep the blog up to date and make sure that current topics are handled. It is also important to set your schedule so that the blogs will be posted while they are relevant and when they will most benefit the readers – and benefit your blog.

As you can see, while you thought creating a blog was going to be finding a cool name and a place to write and throwing up a post now and then about whatever you wanted to discuss at the time, the process is more involved and the effort you put in has to be comparative in order to get positive results.

The above approach can be used for various aspects of your life. If you want to be more organized in your daily chores, in your career or in your efforts to further your education, this approach can be tweaked to be relevant to those efforts. Keep in mind this has been tested and has led others to great successes. Your blogging efforts can benefit from the use of this approach, and you can learn and grow from there. It is important to understand that you can adjust the effort as necessary and keep your blog heading in a positive direction. This is simply a base to build your blog from and a starting point to help your blog grow and improve. The only way to go from here is up.